Jumat, 01 Januari 2010 Diposting oleh wushu gerak naga  

A new year has came.
As the silver line is widening, We are entering a new chapter of life under glorious light.
The passes was passed, and the future we will make is just a consequence of what we did in the present. Considering that, we should do our acts wisely or some people would say, "let's make a plan!"

What is your plan this year?

Please, share your plan in comment column

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RzBzR mengatakan...

Mmm... apa ya..
1. Akan lebih rajin nulis lagi,
2. Keep on studying english
3. Tamatin jurus toya segera,
untuk bisa lebih konsen ke tradisional,
4. Ngurusin dgn serius sasana di ui dan pengcab
5. and so on lah

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